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Sprihaa means desires. Living a fulfilled life leads to nirvana. Desire is like the fuel which drives us to create and experience life.

Sprihaa is a unique Bangalore-based Therapy & Holistic Wellness Center which takes a spiritual approach to providing a relaxing and holistically rejuvenating experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

We have a team of experts and experienced professionals that cannot be compared to any wellness center/ organization in India and are at par with the best Internationally.

Sprihaa is a the only center in the county where “Adaptive Experiential Healing and Therapy Approach” is Provided.

We provide our clients with a variety of options when it comes to managing their overall mental health, Physical health, and a lifestyle of wellness and growth. We maintain complete confidentiality and privacy for clients and their data and have over 10 years of work reputation to back us.

What is Clinical Psychological Wellness ?

Historically it has been believed that clinical wellness means alleviating psychological dysfunction. Health has meant absence of illness. We believe that removing illness is curative but creating wellness is preventive.We follow a humanistic and client focused approach in which we look at both clinical wellness(absence of symptom) and overall growth and empowerment so that the client heals the issue from its core. Understands the reason why it manifested in his space and to learn and let go.  

  • Positive evaluation of oneself
  • Sense of continued growth and development
  • Belief that life is purposeful and meaningful
  • Possession of quality relations with others
  • Capacity to manage one’s life effectively
  • A sense of self determination

What is Holistic Healing ?

Holistic healing means healing at physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels. When we heal holistically, we address imbalances on all levels, rather than addressing one or two symptoms.   Holistic healers believe that everyone has an innate healing power which needs to be activated while resolving an issue from the root.

At Sprihaa we conduct workshops, trainings, courses and wellbeing sessions for the clients to explore their issues individually, with family and in community and groups.




Energy Healing

Body & Belief work

Adaptive Experiential therapy is our approach

Adaptive experiential therapy AET is a mind–body treatment.  It works experientially with intense  focus on present-tense (i.e., here-and-now) internal experience, especially affective experience as it arises in the body, encouraging clients’ attention to it, and then proceeding to work with it. Once the client brings up the complete experience and experiences the unresolved completely, he decides to close that issue in his mind. In every session we work to transform the negative emotions associated with trauma and emotional suffering. Then, through mind body processing, the experience of new positive emotions that accompany it, are also worked with to promote therapy. This process is healing oriented. It assumes a healthy core within all people, emphasizes adaptive motivational strivings, works actively and explicitly to co-create the experience of safety in the therapeutic relationship, and stresses the importance of experiential work with evolutionarily adaptive affective change. 

Journey of Sprihaa

Why we offer these programs ?



Sprihaa means desires. Living a fulfilled life leads to nirvana. Desire is like the fuel which drives us to create and experience life. Having desire is great but when we cannot fulfill them it becomes painful. There are different reasons why it becomes difficult for us to create and experience a desired life.

The main reasons or blocks in creation are

  • Our past life psychic impressions – Hypnotherapy
  • Ancestral beliefs – Constellations
  • Womb Memories
  • Conditioning after birth – Belief and Body work

Apart from these we also pick up the thoughts feels and emotions of other people we frequently meet. What we hear and see constantly creates subconscious programs in our mind and we live life in an autopilot mode than based on choices and possibilities. These beliefs and emotions also create deviations in our life and then something happens that brings us back on our path.

At Sprihaa we facilitate healing by bringing your awareness to present moment. The power is always in the moment so wherever your mind is engaging whether in the past or future or wherever you are living on subconscious patterns we heal and integrate those energies so that you are fully present in your life and live life based on choices and possibilities.

All the programs, sessions and workshops at Sprihaa are designed to empower you by making you fully aware and conscious about your body, energetic pattern, emotions, beliefs and divinity.


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