Our Exceptionally Talented and Experienced Team

The Sprihaa team is comprised of qualified health specialists ready to put their energy and skills towards helping you reach your goals. Everyone at our center believes in establishing an energy balance and flow in the chakras and energetic field of the body. Get in touch to learn more about our incredible team — we’re looking forward to being a part of your lifestyle.

You subconsciously know your deep inner problems and what’s happened in your life, you also know the solution.

I don’t perform a miracle on you to heal. You come to do your inner work and I hold  space for it to unfold.

Dr. Shalini

Dr. Shalini is our founder and chief therapist with 16+ years of experience. She has individually handled over 10000+ cases in her experience, and is also a primary trainer for most of our courses. She is well respected by our staff and clients alike. Shalini is passionate about healing and learning, she loves to read, travel and music — she is the face and life of Sprihaa.

    Rishita is a counselling psychologist who believes that healing is not just about getting over, or forgetting, your past but rather a systematic way of processing and accepting pain and changing the role that you play in your own suffering and life.

    Through her credentials as a reiki master, hypnotherapist, and access consciousness practitioner, she also excels in dealing with intra-personal (communication with self in terms of body image, low self esteem, stress, time management, demotivation) & interpersonal (communication with others, for example, partner, parent/child, in-laws) issues. She is also able to provide effective workplace and academic counselling to clients who require this focus. 

    She has worked with HIV patients, rural children, women, and couples across Pune, Bangalore, and Rajkot. 

    Rishita is dedicated to the well-being of all her clients, and with her diverse experience, is uniquely positioned to understand and connect with various perspectives. She invites her clients to fully show up as their authentic selves in pursuit of a healthier version of themselves.