Our Exceptionally Talented and Experienced Team

The Sprihaa team is comprised of qualified health specialists ready to put their energy and skills towards helping you reach your goals. Everyone at our center believes in establishing an energy balance and flow in the chakras and energetic field of the body. Get in touch to learn more about our incredible team — we’re looking forward to being a part of your lifestyle.

You subconsciously know your deep inner problems and what’s happened in your life, you also know the solution.

I don’t perform a miracle on you to heal. You come to do your inner work and I hold  space for it to unfold.

Dr. Shalini

Gopalakrishnan Subramanian

A Psychologist, counsellor, therapist and coach Gopal’s primary purpose is to enable people to write their own life scripts to maximize their potential and lead a cheerful life. He does this  by helping people gain clarity of thoughts, beliefs, values, feelings and behaviour and provide a structured approach for change. 

After more than 26 years of Industry experience, with  his passion in behavioral and spiritual science, he now works with corporates to enable them to understand their behavioural patterns and maximize their potential