Our Exceptionally Talented and Experienced Team

The Sprihaa team is comprised of qualified health specialists ready to put their energy and skills towards helping you reach your goals. Everyone at our center believes in establishing an energy balance and flow in the chakras and energetic field of the body. Get in touch to learn more about our incredible team — we’re looking forward to being a part of your lifestyle.

You subconsciously know your deep inner problems and what’s happened in your life, you also know the solution.

I don’t perform a miracle on you to heal. You come to do your inner work and I hold  space for it to unfold.

Dr. Shalini

She has done Masters in social work (MSW) from Delhi University (Spl. women & child development). She has mastered and practices Parnic healing, NLP, MBTI, Heal your life (HYL) Louise Hay.

With an experience of 25 years and having worked with 10,000+ Individuals, in groups and one to one sessions as a coach and mentor for emotional, personal & life skill challenges.

She has worked with:

  • Reputed schools & colleges as a freelancer
  • As counselor, life skills coach, relationship coach for past 25 years with varied clientele-Women (working & homemakers) teenagers, young adults.
  • Worked with physically & visually challenged individuals & various NGOs.
  • An an entrepreneur for last 10 years and is successfully heading a wellness company

Dr Meghna is a Clinical and Sports Nutritionist and a Functional Medicine Expert. She has built up her consulting practice in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru over the last 15 years and has helped many individuals improve their health parameters through the right nutritional consultation.

Dr. Meghna also works with corporate business houses and provides comprehensive custom health solutions. That have proven instrumental in maintaining and improving their health and wellness. Recently she has been conducting Health Nutrition webinars on Family Nutrition, How to Prevent Stress Eating and Senior Citizen welfare program which gave insights on how they can maintain their health while staying indoors in these times.


  • BSc degree in life sciences from Mumbai.
  • Diploma in Alternative Medicine from Kolkata
  • Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics Tulip International Mumbai
  • Doctorate from Trinity International University.

Ms. Tania Ghosh is a RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She has previously worked as an Associate Psychologist at an Inclusive School and has been a clinical consultant for various clinics in Bangalore. She also has been an Assistant Professor of Psychology in a reputed college in Bangalore. She excels in conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations, developing custom treatment plans, and providing professional individual and group psychotherapy. Offers an excellent knowledge of psychology, highly professional attitude, well developed communication/ public speaking skills and great time management abilities.

  • M.Sc in Psychology- University of Calcutta
  • M. Phil in Clinical Psychology- The West Bengal University of Health Sciences

He is an Osteopath, Craniosacral therapist, Somatic experiencing practitioner, Physiotherapist, Myo-fascial Release and Visceral manipulation expert. His extensive experience and expertise in understanding the body makes him an excellent diagnostic practitioner in identifying any imbalance or dysfunction the body may be experiencing. He believes that ‘Every organ has a vital role in defining the health status of the body’.

You would often hear him ask ‘Where do you feel it in the body?’, and brings the clients awareness to the root of the problem. His symptomatic approach to treatment brings the body to its natural state of functionality.

His speciality lies in treating Trauma, chronic pain, conditions related to the spine, Autoimmune disorders and Anxiety for all age groups.

Gopalakrishnan Subramanian

A Psychologist, counsellor, therapist and coach Gopal’s primary purpose is to enable people to write their own life scripts to maximize their potential and lead a cheerful life. He does this  by helping people gain clarity of thoughts, beliefs, values, feelings and behaviour and provide a structured approach for change. 

After more than 26 years of Industry experience, with  his passion in behavioral and spiritual science, he now works with corporates to enable them to understand their behavioural patterns and maximize their potential

    A complete passion-driven Artist, well known and respected for his work among the arts circle in Bangalore and nationally. Creative Arts Instructor in Bishop Cottons Boys School, Bangalore. His passion to bring out the best in individuals by awakening their creative side and sowing the seeds of vision in them for appreciating the finer aspects of Creative Arts.

    With more than 3 decades of art experience, selling his artworks around the world as private collections, now is a consultant in the Sprihaa team. His credentials, among the many, he was awarded 3rd place in India – Iwagumi – 2009

    Member of the jury for photography, International open interactive forum 2008
    Drawing Exams, Karnataka Govt. Board 1990. Honored numerous awards in painting competitions in Bangalore. He also holds a special interest in Aero modeling, and is a national gold medalist in Aero Modeling. with Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management ’94, at Mt. Carmel Institute of Management. Diploma in Print & Broadcast information Media ’93, IGNOU. Diploma in Fashion Technology ’92, IFT, Bangalore.

    He has done workshops in Bell Metal Sculpture making, woodcut & intaglio, sculpting and copper sheet metal relief, Photography, Calligraphy, chemical-wood etching, Traditional Gangifa miniature painting & puppetry.