Sometimes the hurt and wound that we carry is beyond the present life. Let me tell you the story of Seema. Seema grew up in a family where she was extremely pampered and loved. She grew up as a happy child and dreamt of getting married and having a family like every other girl. As she grew up to be a beautiful woman she got married in a wonderful family. Her husband was a loving person and he provided her all comforts of life. One day she saw a bird in a cage at her friend and neighbors’ house and decided to bring the bird as a pet. All arrangements were made and a beautiful cage and bird was bought home. Seema was very happy as she will have a companion. Slowly she got attached with the bird and could sense what the bird was feeling. One day the bird suddenly passed away and Seema broke down. It was surprising that the mourning never stopped. It went on for months and she started moving into depression.

Seema was referred for therapy and under hypnosis she saw the bird. The bird could not move on because of the deep bond it shared with Seema. Seema was subconsciously holding  on to the bird.

Seema was regressed to a past life where she saw that this bird was her child. She was in love with her husband in that life and they had a son(bird at the moment). She saw that in a war she lost her husband and child. The sudden separation was extremely difficult for all three of them and as souls they carried the wound and pain of deep separation. She made a promise to herself that she will have this child as her son only when she finds her husband back and this was a beginning of a pattern in their lives. Every time they came together they created separation and moved away. The fear and wound of separation was so deep that they never as souls manifested coming together.

With therapy this pain was healed and the pattern was broken. Once that happened Seema gave birth to her son and believes that the past life child is back in her life. This time she will create togetherness and joy. They will have a fulfilled life.

Well the psychic impressions that we carry from one life to another creates subconscious patterns in our life and we are completely unaware of them till will bump into a suppressed memory or situation which triggers this pattern.

When do you know you need a past life regression:

  • When you meet someone or go to some place where and feel that it is familiar as if you have lived there or seen it.
  • When you have an experience of emotional trauma and its an over reaction to the situation
  • When you deep fears and it has no basis in this life.
  • When certain events are recurring in your life like a pattern.
  • When you are going through a divorce and feel that you always knew this wont work