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Love is the bridge between you and everything

 – Rumi

Individual and Group Counselling

Geriatric Counselling

Geriatric Counselors provide physical and psychological assessment services for older adults, along with counseling, direct care, treatment for mental health issues, and assistance with problems interfering with a senior’s quality of life.

Individual Counselling

Individual counseling can help one deal with many personal topics in life such as anger, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, marriage and relationship challenges, parenting problems, school difficulties, career changes, etc. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides a safe place to experiment with alternative ways of treating oneself and others, ways that can be more successful.

Substance Abuse
Counseling and therapy for addiction help individuals understand what causes addiction, learn to recognize risk factors for relapse and develop tools for coping with stressful situations.
Child Counselling

Counselling evaluates a young client’s frame of mind, while exploring their family dynamic, social circle and schooling to understand how their everyday environment impacts their mental health. 

Educational Counselling
Therapy aims at giving a general sense of direction and the best way to do that is to have productive interactions that are Aimed at achieving the desired results.
Mental Health Counselling
Counseling is for mental illness as well as for specific life stresses, such as a toxic workplace. Counseling happens individually, in one-on-one sessions with a counselor.