Sprihaa conducts Individual and group therapies to smoothen conflict resolution, promote natural rhythm by aligning the mind, thought, communication and action.

Life Scripting:

For children everything is possible. But as we grow we learn lots of things that we can or cannot do. Slowly we create a life script out of limitations where we give up lots of hopes and dreams feeling it’s not possible for us. We create ceiling for ourselves at an unconscious levels and keep hitting that and find it difficult to break it. Life scripting is an experiential process in which we can break those limitations in our mind and open ourselves to the possibilities and opportunities available for exploring. This process opens us to be more open and present in our relationship, career, money situations etc

Sprihaa training’s are for people who believe that they can change their life to even better from where they are. People who are willing to take charge of their lives. Training’s are customized for the group to address their challenges through experiential sessions. These sessions makes you realize that everything you are experiencing in your life is your creation. You are given tools to reach out and identify the self limiting blocks and replace them with new positive programs in your mind, which then manifest in your reality the way you want it.

Community Healing:

Community healing is a combination of two terms ‘community’ and ‘healing’. Community well describes group of individuals sharing and or having certain attitudes and interests in common. And healing is a process of improving the health of an individual. Putting together these two terms community healing simply means ‘Healing the community to heal an individual’.

The therapies provided here will help you:

  • Feel better about yourself
  • Deal with future
  • Heal physical issue too
  • Find purpose of your life
  • Feel more connected with people around you
  • Balance emotions
  • Feel more at Peace