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Supurve Hospital, World of Health together, is a service organization which aims to providing quality health care services to all cadres of patients at most affordable cost. It aims at bringing new innovation health care technology to health patients to safeguard their health and lead a happy life. It is one and only hospital which is conceived, executed and run by BNIties. Every piece of this organization is built on the foundation of truth and givers gain philosophy.

We are happy to present this testimonials to Dr.Shalini Poddar. We are happy to be associated with Sprihaa. We recommend them for all the Physchology Therapy. She is expert in understanding the needs of individual patient problems and helps them with right kind of advice and solution. We wish Dr. Shalini Poddar, a long life, good health and great success in her all endeavors.

-Dr. Raghavendra M.S.
Founder, Director, Chief of Medical Services

Celebrate life is unique Wellness Company with the concept of mind and body wellness. We are into Slimming, Beauty, Laser and Derma Treatments with an expertise of 12 years. We are pioneer in relating the effect of mind over body and connection of holistic wellness with the same.

Celebrate Life is open for franchising and helping woman to become an entrepreneur through our franchisee model and our solid support system.

It’s been my absolute privilege to know Shalini of Sprihaa, professionally and personally, She is someone on whom people can consistently rely, and she gives ability compassion, and generosity. She is someone relates to people with incredible ease and her ability  to maintain an empathic and open stance  while still holding herself to the highest professional and psychology as a clinical Physiologist unlike others, She is package of science and Psychology as a clinical Psychologist. She specializes in hypnotherapy, regression and various other techniques to identify the root cause of psychological.

If you want to fly you have to give up the stuff that weighs you down

A bit less than two years ago we were tied with the most intangible gift of love “Marriage”. The time we spent together initially was rosy and picture perfect. Followed by a series of unfortunate incidents in our lives, we decided to give an end to our relationship. We took this decision so seriously that we ended up filing petition for divorce.

Well, it doesn’t end here. One fine day, a close well – wisher introduced us to Dr. Shalini Poddar and suggested we consider counseling which we did.

We sought her help to understand the differences and may be save our marriage for good. Through her intuitive process of “Hypnotherapy” she not only made sense to disturbance we had in our life but helped us overcome it. As clinched as it may sound – We united again within a span of 15 days.

Doctor Shalini is a person whom you can trust completely, if you want to take charge of your life. With utmost patience and calmness, she takes her clients into an amazing healing with simple yet profound tools. Her counseling sessions and hypnoses sessions have literally released a lot of issues that were holding me back from living peacefully. She is truly an amazing person and I would love to continue her guiding presence in my life.
– Arathi

Before my sessions I was kind of lost and was feeling clueless about my future and life. Now after my 3RD session I feel I can concentrate on my future or focusing on what I want to do in my life. I feel more stable. The most important part is that I want to be independent and start a new life by forgetting old past issues. All the anger and pain has vanished from my life.
– Shubham

Universe helps us in mysterious ways. I met Dr. Shalini at the time I needed the most. It was like divine intervention. The whole process was beyond the logic initially, but once I opened up, I received a lot of transformation in such a short time. I learnt to simplify and accept life and be in the power of consciousness. With her I experienced a fast track self transformation
– Anirudh

Dr. Shalini Poddar creates Magic!! There is no other way to describe the experience I have shared with her over the years. She is an empathetic listener and an absolute believer. She teaches you to love and learn. She makes you believe and grow. Be it counseling or therapy, there is such genuineness that it’s hard not to see it!! She works with it as a way of life; it ceases to be just therapy. Cheers Ma’am! May the blessing you shower on us be returned to you a hundred fold!!
– Neha

I am really grateful to you for all that you have done for me, and more than that I am grateful to God that I met you in this life again. That day I cried because of familiarity I felt when I hugged you. It was like w meet after aeons.
– Urgeet



For Training:

Workshop with Dr.Shalini was really a life transforming experience for me .I could realize the significance of body which when at rest can work wonders for you. This course offered me with a strong sense of empowerment and amazing insights into my own abilities. I would definitely recommend this workshop to be done by all people who are looking for some magic wand to totally transform their lives. And who are seeking to add some joy and peace into their lives. I am surprised how just one session helped me to clear so many of my blocks and tap into my own true being.
– Ira Singh

Training with Dr. Shalini was amazing. A simple, yet powerful transformational process. If received with open mind can change the way we perceive life. It helped me to release lots of old emotions which weren’t serving me.

I am grateful to Dr. Shalini for training me with Access Consciousness BARS as it offers great tools to help you become more aware and conscious. The best part is you can never go wrong with it and also can use it every day to live a limitless and more peaceful life. Wishing you ma’am with much Easy, Joy and Glory as you traverse this journey of life with all of us!!
– Swati

Enjoyed the class and learnt a lot – Gladya Geetha Gonsalves

Powerful technique to be in present manner and live life powerfully. I want to practice more and see the benefits
– Kiran