Use YouTube, podcasts as teaching aids: Experts

Over 250 teachers from 180 schools across the City turned up for the DHiE Teachers’ Seminar held here on Saturday.

The DHiE cell has been organizing these seminars for the benefit of teachers of DHiE schools every year since 2001.

Dr Meena K Jain, Founder, Sambhav Foundation, speaking on “Conducting professional parent teacher meetings,” said it was important for the teachers to have a clear agenda for the meeting.

Pre-conference planning is necessary. Teachers should be clear of the purpose, prepare materials, create a proper environment and there should be no feeling of superiority among the teaching staff or the school authorities.

Psychotherapist Shalini Poddar spoke on “Importance of behaviour management in the classroom.” To be a good teacher it was necessary to love the subject and love children, she said. She reiterated that a teacher should not carry emotional baggage from home to the classroom.

Product Manager with SAP Labs, Sujith Hemachandra stressed analyzing multiple intelligence’s such as characterization and body language of a child through movies. He pointed out that apart from movies, modern technological tools like the internet ‘podcast’ and ‘YouTube’ should be used effectively by the teacher.

Kalpana Basu, Teacher from Presidency School, R T Nagar said it was important to tell the children about the interesting and useful websites.

Dr. Shalini Poddar honoured by Lalithakala Centre for Visual Arts