Past life memories are your autobiography of a soul. These are the individual stories which come in the form of metaphor. All of us have past surpassed memories. It is possible to remember them; one of the signs could have been experienced through Deja vu – The experience that the events unfolding in front of us feel familiar. The sensation that you have met a person earlier or have been in the moment previously.

Past life regression is a technique of accessing and re – experiencing past lives through the process of hypnotherapy. This therapy has grown over the last couple of decades and also is the most suggested healing therapy to bring a positive development in life. Past life regression aims at re-programming patterns of behavior and perception within the mind to release the negative emotions in order to over come it.

Here is a small talk on past life experiences by Dr. Brian Weiss.


Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapies PLRT

  1. Helps in healing trauma
  2. Clears physical pain and emotional stress
  3. Heals disturbed relationships
  4. Releases stress, phobia, anxiety and depression
  5. Clarifies direction and life purpose
  6. Helps in understanding behavior patterns and tendencies
  7. Helps you align with your higher goals